29 Octobre  2016: une rencontre mémorable à Paris

As arranged we gathered this lovely afternoon in one of the largest railway station at the heart of our magnificent capital to meet with Prof. Tangha before he returns to Cameroon after spending two weeks in France.

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We were actually five of us including, the icing on the cake, Raymond Tachago himself the President of our school alumnus association, known as AIDEPY. Big Sam, of course, took part in this cheerful meeting along with Gatien Mbiligui ENSPY-GE-2000 and Project leader at Air Liquide in Paris. Prof. Tangha in Olympic form spoke to us more than two hours about his academic work since he left Polytechnic a couple years ago.

He currently teaches and conducts research activities at UPAC (Université Protestante d'Afrique Centrale) where he reproduces better what he did at Polytechnic for so many years, he told us. He has come to France to sign a partnership contract with an Eastern France University on behalf of the UPAC. He had no mercy on our modesty in reminding us that our school, ENSPY, and some other few in Cameroon are among the best in Africa and that the UPAC has no problem finding prestigious European universities to partner with. He told us to keep that in mind and let nobody makes us believe otherwise.

He warmly thanked President Tachago for the massive work he has tirelessly done for many years now to promote ENSPY's brand with the country's authorities and abroad. This work starts to pay off, he said, as everyone can now see more and more Pipos got to keys positions in the country either in public or private sectors. He firmly believes that the "branding" of our school, in fact anything we can do to "market" it is crucial. We can do much better than how we are doing at the moment. Polytechnic must show off, he said. Polytechnic must attend pompously, if not organize forums and academic conferences. The presentation of the laboratories and other infrastructure of Polytechnic and the conferences recently organized on school premises by Director Awono and Hilaire Anoubon and his buddies from the 1990 cohort among whom a Minister, with video available on YouTube, are great examples of things we should regularly do. And of course we all agreed with this great point made by the Prof.

Raymond Tachago continuing on the same subject pointed out that AIDEPY's executive board is well aware of our weakness in terms of communication and marketing. He admitted that although the situation has notably improved these last years, a lot remain to do. He promised that before soon we are going to hear about big initiatives AIDEPY is about to launch in partnership with the TV channel Canal 2 to address this problem of communication in a professional manner once for all. Let's wait and see folks.

Hervé KC